The Brand

Life makes it hard to stay

With the things that matter most.

You have a lot going on

Don't worry - we feel it too.

The chaos, the rush, the relentless ticking of the clock.

There never seems to be enough time for the important stuff.

But what if...

We could hit the pause button together?

In Touch is your artistic reminder to make time, take a breathe, and find yourself.

So what are we?

It depends on who you ask

For explorers - a compass.

For philanthropists - a beacon.

For mental health warriors - a haven.

And for everyone else - just some rebels with style.

In Touch takes your world - and brings it into your closet.

Fashion meets Philanthropy

Let's liven up those walls and heat up that closet.

And together, we can help out while standing out. 

Stay present. Stay bold.

But above all...stay In Touch.