The Artists

Meet Lola

The creative spark behind In Touch Prints.

  1. Like our brand, Lola is warm and a bit unpredictable.
  2. Selfless - she’s the type to put everyone else first.
  3. Don't interrupt her morning coffee routine.
  4. Needs sunlight - a.k.a "nature's espresso."

Meet Eric

Our resident empath and full-time space cadet.

  1. He’s got a brain buzzing with wild ideas.
  2. A storyteller at heart - and a love for characters.
  3. Always fighting a hellacious craving for baked goods.

A Couple of Weirdos

In Touch Prints is a passion project for a couple of weirdos.

We want to turn heads. We want to save the world.

But most importantly...we want to stay In Touch.