The Bosses

Meet Storm

This is Storm, the queen of our hearts and professional squirrel chaser.

With a love for sunbathing and belly rubs, she's defined as 'living the good life.'

Storm is a cuddle connoisseur, especially when it comes to Dad time.

You can find her stretched out in a patch of sunlight, dreaming of her next snack.

Meet Thor

And here's Thor, our mighty warrior with a heart as big as his namesake.

Thor loves three things above all else:

  • his toy hammer
  • roughhousing with his sister
  • taking epic walks

When the snow falls, he transforms into a playful snowball that can’t be stopped.

Don't be fooled by their furry faces

At In Touch Prints, Storm and Thor call the shots!

They're the real creative geniuses behind the scenes, filling our workspace with joy and inspiration.

With them leading the helm, we can embrace the playful side of creativity every day.